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About Black's Road

Your local fresh grocery

Your Fresh Fruit Grocery store in North Dunedin

Black's Road Green Grocer is a family owned business which believes in fresh quality fruit and vegetables.

We offer excellent quality, fairly priced fruit and vegetables and believe in honest labelling of products - if it is a second we will mark it as such and price it accordingly.

Our  "Blacks Boxes" are extremely good value. We guarantee that there will be at least 10% more in your box than the dollar value (based on our shelf prices) and we will deliver your box for free. a great time saver for our customers ! if there is something you may not want , just note it on your order.

We also offer in store

  • Coffees and Hot Chocolates
  • Real Fruit Ice Creams (yoghurt and dairy free options available)
  • Smoothies - Berry, Green and Avocado
  • Fresh juices

All of our fruits and vegetables used in our ice-creams, smoothies and jucies are real. 

No processed flavours or processed bases.

Deliveries are generally made between 2 pm and 6 pm.  We try and get them to you as early as possible but some days due to the number of delivereis this may not be possible